Dec. 10th, 2010

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From 1971 to the present day, median income for the bottom 90% of the American population has not all.

From 1971 to the present day, median income for the top 1% of the American population has increased by 500%.

The tax cuts will likely be kept for another two years, furthering our federal deficit. The talking heads seem to mostly avoid responding to these facts, as put forth by a couple of real thinkers.

Does that top 1% really...REALLY...have that much of an impact on our economy, that ultimately letting their tax cuts expire will make them dissent...leave the country...stop investing? Are you fucking kidding me? I must be living in a terrible, terrible dream.

And here, we have a perfect example set by London and the United Kingdom in general. They are rioting, busting into ruling party buildings, making a mockery of the royal family...and anarchist cells are proclaiming there will only be more protests to come. Student groups are rioting as well in response to the government deciding to hike tuition rates by 300% - to half what our tuition rates are in the United States.

Do Americans have no backbone?
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Not surprising - Would be surprising if Americans had a backbone.

London Riots as a result of hiking tuition rates to half what they are in America, and various other public sector cuts.


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