Sep. 14th, 2009

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Writing books, pursuing music and teaching (I'm already doing two of these, just not earning any money ;))

You heard me right.

I started writing a book yesterday. I plan to have it finished sometime in 2010. The cover art is complete, as is the methodology for the rest of the sparse art throughout the book.

It is going to begin with Book I, essentially an examination of my world view, and how I came to the perspectives I have - as well as suggestions for others to attain a more moral, upright, righteous worldview themselves. I'm lighting the candle Noam Chomsky started a long time ago, and hoping that through the electronic age and culture I can reach out to a great deal of people. I think it is inevitable that I will, because my perspective is, indeed, quite radical. I won't be discussing my personal life...rather discussing the methods I have used to attain my perspective. It will be spiritual, but not. I wish to avoid the issue of god entirely and stick with what can help people obtain results in their clarity of perception and thought. God complicates matters, and the idea of him/her/it/they has been abused far too often throughout history.

The rest of the book - well, maybe you'll find out. Sometime in twenty-ten.

This will probably reinforce the idea of getting website. I'll need to figure out a way to sell electronic copies, although with my current mode of living I think I could manage sending people copies by email personally (although I would prefer to automate it somehow.) I don't have enough coding background to even begin with something like that...but I'd like to run it through paypal and have varying levels of donation per copy ($5-$10-$15-$20-$25) This will let people pay what they feel I deserve, and they can always come back and donate again if they so desire. But I don't want people to /have/ to pay more than $5 for the book. Most authors probably get less than that after the publisher's cut, anyhow.

I think, before, I really thought it was pointless to do anything like this. I felt overwhelmed - how can I compete with the advertising industry? But I don't have too. If I make something riveting enough, people will do the work for me. And that's the best and only real way to go about it. That's how a vast majority of the classic great thinkers did it. It was a slow expansion.
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So, I think I'll join the navy.

More shit forthcoming in the next couple months once I decide without a doubt. I'm going to keep lifting and running.

Looks like my body is eating away what little core fat there was - might be why I've dropped weight.

-crosses fingers- If I can get the NROTC scholarship, I can go back to school for two years, get my bachelors, spend six years as at least an O-1 in the miltiary, save all of that money, and when I get out use my GI Bill to take my education a bit further. There's no other method.

Maybe if I can get inside of it, I'll have a better understanding of what is really going on in the world. I'd prefer that to theorizing. And I'd certainly like to see some foreign docks.

And hey - when I get out, I can go on a long vacation to Amsterdam before I return to college. Sounds like a blast.


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