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- Far too aggressive towards Russia, especially given the connections Joe Biden's son has in Ukraine (he is an acting CEO of an oil company) and US interests regarding a pipeline in Syria. The language she uses when speaking about Russia is unacceptable given that Putin has said numerous times he would much rather cooperate with us. We are not in the cold war and the entire planet benefits when nuclear powers work together.
- Questionable on gun control. Sanders policy was far more reasonable.
- Terrible regarding free trade and support of unfettered capitalism. NAFTA was terrible, so was the nullification of glass-steagall, both of which were accomplished by her husband. I want to reiterate here that I don't believe spouses of previous presidents should be able to hold political office, nor should daughters and sons. Far too much power and wealth concentration occurs by allowing such things.
- Flip flopping and legislative vote history

- Supports roe v. wade and women's rights. Does not appear to believe religion should hold sway regarding these decisions.
- Fair immigration policy
- Generally level-headed

- Unable to determine actual policy stances because he's unpredictable. He may say something to obtain votes and not actually mean it, or may actually mean it in practice and implementation. Hillary is guilty of this as well, as all politicians tend to be, however I believe he is a particularly egregious case.
- Supports national open carry policy - I don't want to live in Libya, I don't want to see ak-47s in Walmarts or around me in public.
- Would elect justices that would overturn roe v. wade "day one." Totally unacceptable, although I don't actually believe given his background and lifestyle that he is anti-abortion. This is one example of where the first con comes into play.
- Has an issue with immigration, even though basically everyone here, or their ancestors, was an immigrant at one time. Rounding people up would be a logistical nightmare and almost impossible, and would simply serve to overburden prisons.
- Wants to "save the coal industry" and that makes him, excuse my terminology, a fucking idiot

- *Appears* to have a better view on free trade and taxes when it comes to the wealthy and trans-national corporations, maybe owed to the fact that he has heavily abused said systems.
- Looks at Russia as a friend, and I believe we need to be friends with them as well as China.
- Does not appear to be bought by Wall Street. We all know about Hillary's secret speeches with them that were highly paid, and if you've watched Bloomberg TV at all in the past half a year, you know for a fact that they only have interest in her being elected. There's a reason for that.

Who am I going to vote for? Nobody. My conscience can't possibly handle having voted for either of them.

While I don't believe Hillary is any good for this country long term, or for people like myself - the working class - I do tend to believe she would have a somewhat better outcome. That's of course assuming that we don't end up in another cold war because of her war hawk behavior, or in more direct conflicts period.
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