Jun. 1st, 2016

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Helped dad tear apart a 1950s backhoe attachment (sat outside for 20 years or so) over the past few weeks. Wire-wheeled all of the hydraulic cylinders, and had to tear apart one of them to replace the packing, piston and cups - he also milled a new stainless steel shaft a bit as the shaft was shot as well. Primed the whole thing and then painted it international red. Built a bracketing system to put in on the rear end of an international 4N crawler. We just started toying with it yesterday - it's amazing how well made technology from the early to mid 1900s is compared to what gets sold today.

Tearing apart my motorcycle now (1982 Honda FT500) - mouse nest in the air filter - they ripped some of it up, too, which means buying a whole new housing and filter assembly - and it's been leaking oil out of the cylinder head, so time to replace the head gasket. Good project to keep me out in the garage and learning from my dad - which is really all I wanted to do at United, anyway. When he was working there, he was always so busy at home that I never felt like I could really gain his insight on anything...which made it hard to really learn.

Didn't hear back from United, and it's been three weeks today - funny because Barry assured me it was the time to apply. They hired 6 people last week that were interviewed in April, but I have no idea how long they waited before a call for the interview. Probably just a week, which is standard for most businesses. I'm guessing I'm blackballed. It's actually really sad in a way - four years of experience, and they'd rather hire people with no clue. I missed 12 days of work in a year (2 more of that were personal days) and pretty much everyone knew I was getting sick all the time. I just can't believe that they'd hold it against someone who put as much time in as I did.

I hate the place with a passion to be frankly honest, but it was my best chance of being able to retire someday and staying around here to be close to family and take care of the property. It's also really infuriating that college isn't going to work out. I've been coming across people on reddit who did the exact same thing I did - waited for when their parents income wasn't considered and saved as much as they could - and they had no problems getting pell grants and state grants. Guessing I'm probably blackballed there too, somehow.

Always had a hunch there was more to it than just money earned and money saved - there's far too many other questions on aid applications that seem to have nothing to do with ability to pay.


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