May. 3rd, 2016

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So I went Gluten Free since I last noted (what's that - three weeks or so?) and I still had symptoms. Actually, today was probably one of the worse episodes I had for about a month - and nothing I ate, except for some cooked burger with a bit of mexican seasoning on it and flour tortillas last night, could be considered hard to digest or out of the ordinary for me.

Doing some more reading today, and I decided that given what some people are claiming, I should start taking the probiotics again. So I'll do that. Apparently a lot of people experience a significant reduction in my symptoms while taking them.

A few days ago I went lactose free again, just to see, and I had a reprieve for about two days. Then today, of course. So I can't believe it's lactose.

If I had to hazard a guess it's either an ulcer (need to quit smoking), a hernia, diverticulitis/a bacterial infection, or something to do with my liver/pancreas - or worse. Basically, I'll take the probiotics for a week or two here and see if I get some improvement - if not, off to the doctor with me. I'll just get some cheap tests done if possible, and maybe get on an antibiotic. If it's more serious I'm going to be in trouble, because I still don't have insurance, and until my health improves, I can't really get working.

More now than previously I am regretting my decision to leave United, even in the face of all the shit I was dealing with down there, the boredom, the unsafe work conditions, the shift work. I started looking into some trade unions in western PA, and actually had a guy in the millwright trade tell me directly that I probably made a mistake leaving the refinery, because that's the job everyone in the trade unions wants - they want that stability and not having to travel far. Sorta sad to have someone tell me that, actually, although they certainly didn't know my circumstances...the health issues, the pension loss, the healthcare reduction, and toxic culture, etc. I mean, needing to wait 10 years or so before even having a chance at apprenticing as a millwright at the plant was definitely a big part of why I left, too.

There's no real plus side at the moment on the job front - my health being as it is has me pretty down, and I can't really follow through on anything until I'm better. I have some friends/acquaintences in the pipefitter trade out of Erie/Pittsburgh, and I could probably get in there and make some decent money (and get to travel all over western PA) but I would rather shoot for millwrights - then again, millwrights have a much smaller area to cover, and their apprenticeship looks really difficult to advance within...without knowing contractors to get work ahead of time.

I don't want to self pity right now, but this really kinda sucks. The health stuff more than anything else - I'm kinda worried that this is going to be expensive and serious in the long term, and if I lose my savings to it, I'll have lost my one real chance at freedom/mobility to find a better career/training.


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